What is Nordic Walking?

An effective total body exercise which strengthens muscles and gives an effective cardio workout.

Nordic Walking is just like ordinary walking except that you use two specially designed poles to help propel you forwards and upwards.  It has its origins in cross country skiing and like skiing you’ll use your upper body muscles as well as your lower body.

Nordic walking can be used from rehabilitation right up to super-fitness. It’s a flexible exercise where you can find a pace that suits you. This safe, fun sport is also loved by physiotherapists as the poles put your body in the perfect walking posture and use over 90% of your skeletal muscle (that’s a lot!)

And as you’re outdoors you’ll feel all the powerful and calming effects of being in nature, excellent therapy for the mind.

We Nordic walk in beautiful areas in Bath so book a Beginner Workshop and join us today.

What is Nordic walking?